ICEPAY introduces a Seamless Creditcard 3DS 2.0 Authentication

3DS2 is a new way of authentication that results in an improved payment experience and online conversion while fraud is significantly reduced. Customers get to experience a simplified payment process where the card issuers are able to verify the shopper’s identity.

Previously with 3DS1 the consumer is redirected to another website in order to verify their identity and the payment. With 3DS2 authentication is performed within the payment form. The payment form is rebuild from scratch and optimized for mobile as well as desktop, and offers a seamless experience. Merchants however do need to send certain consumer data within the request. For more information, refer to 3D Secure 2 authentication flows.

If the issuer does not support 3DS2, an automatic fallback to 3DS1 is initiated.

3DS2 flow can be selected by using CREDITCARD issuer code in ICEPAY API.

3DS2 flow requires additional information about the consumer to reduce the risk of fraud in transactions. These parameters can be provided within the API request.
Following parameters are required.

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Address.Street

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Address.HouseNumber

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Address.PostalCode

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Address.City

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Address.CountryCode

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Phone

  • Fulfillment.Consumer.Email

When these parameters are provided, customer only needs to fill the credit card form.

Otherwise the customer will be prompted to provide the information on the ICEPAY payment page.