Payment Methods

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Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Credit Agreement

AfterPay is the best-known and consumer-friendly post-payment method in the Netherlands. But even over the border, your customers benefit from the convenience of post-payment. AfterPay is becoming available in more and more countries throughout Europe. With AfterPay, you offer your customers the security of only having to pay when they are satisfied with their purchase. Thanks to this security and the great brand awareness of AfterPay, this method of payment lowers thresholds and increases conversion percentages.



Debit CardBancontact, formerly known as Mister Cash, is the most popular online payment method in Belgium. Do you sell products or services on the Belgian market? Then offering this online payment method is to be highly recommended. You can compare the function of Bancontact on your website with that of iDEAL. With Bancontact, you offer your Belgian customers a method of payment via their own familiar and secure banking environment.



Credit CardWith 2.5 billion cards in use, VISA is the world's largest credit card company. The credit card is also very popular in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking to sell your products and services at national or international level, offering VISA as a method of payment is important for any entrepreneur. Paying by credit card is a quick, secure and familiar method for your customers.
GlobalCredit CardMastercard is one of the world’s largest credit card providers. By offering Mastercard in your online shop, you can reach national and international customers with your products and services. Online shopping with Mastercard is a familiar and secure method of payment for your customers. Integrating Mastercard into your online shop enables you to reach practically all credit card holders in the Netherlands and beyond.



Credit AgreementCreditClick is a new method of payment that allows your customers to buy products with an online credit. Once a consumer has received a positive assessment, he can immediately use his loan to buy products in your online shop. Thanks to the revolving loan, your consumers can easily carry on buying more products. Because the consumer takes out the credit himself, CreditClick is cheaper for you than earlier post-payment methods. The payments are guaranteed so that chargebacks are not possible.


NetherlandsReal-Time Bank TransferiDEAL is the most widely used online payment method among Dutch consumers and is accepted by all Dutch banks. By accepting iDEAL payments in your online shop, you enable your Dutch customers to pay easily and securely via their own familiar bank.

Online Überweisen

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Real-Time Bank TransferOnlineÜberweisen is an online payment method that allows your German and Austrian consumers to pay easily and securely in your online shop. You can compare the function of OnlineÜberweisen on your website with that of iDEAL: your customers pay via their own familiar and secure banking environment, without having to register first. This means that the payment process is fully automated. By offering OnlineÜberweisen, you offer all your German and Austrian customers a familiar and customer-friendly payment method that allows them to buy your products faster.

WeChat Pay

China, Taiwan


Connect every Chinese customer for business overseas. Used by hundreds of millions of users every day, WeChat Pay is one of the most popular payment methods in China. WeChat Pay handles all the ways your users want to pay, whether it is via Quick Pay, QR-Code, In-App Web-Based, or native In-App payments.


China, Taiwan


Alipay is a third-party online and mobile payment platform that belongs to the Alibaba group. It is supported by Alibaba, Taobao, AliExpress, Tmall and an increasing number of independent online and offline stores. Alipay started life in 2004 as an online escrow service, which allowed buyers and sellers to trade with confidence in a trustless e-commerce environment. Today Alipay provides domestic and cross-border payment services through partnerships with more than 200 financial institutions, including the leading national and regional banks in China as well as the major international card schemes. The system draws funds from the customer’s bank, card or a prepaid Alipay account. Alipay cites 520 million users on its website.


Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States

Cash, Bank Transfer

SafetyPay is an online bank transfer payment method that offers a cash payment option in several markets. At checkout, the customer selects SafetyPay and is then redirected to their online banking portal, where they authorize the payment. Alternatively, they select a cash payment option and receive a code with which they use to pay cash over the counter in participating banks and retail stores worldwide.