Transaction Statuses

CANCELLEDThe transaction has been cancelled by the consumer. 
CBACKA chargeback was requested by the consumer on a transaction under dispute. The system will create a new chargeback transaction. All funds will be returned to the consumer.
COMPLETEDThe transaction was successfully processed and was cleared by the payments system. Funds have not (yet) been received by ICEPAY. It's the customers own risk to deliver products and/or services based on this status.
EXPIREDThe consumer did not complete the transaction in due time.
FAILEDThe transaction failed due to technical reasons.
PENDINGA transaction was initiated by the consumer.
REFUNDA refund was initiated by the merchant. The system will create a new refund transaction. All (or part of the) funds will be returned to the consumer.
REJECTEDThe transaction failed due to functional reasons.
SETTLEDThe transaction was settled to ICEPAY, funds were received by ICEPAY and the transaction was fully reconciled in the payments system. The transaction will be credited to the balance of the merchant and is available for payout.
STARTEDThe payment process was started by the consumer after initiation of the transaction.